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Our Work

Enhancing farming in Papua New Guinea

Our team of expert agriculturalists have been providing improved crop varieties, fruit trees, and technical production and management advice to local farmers in PNG's Central Province since 2013.

This program provides security to subsistence farming, improving nutrition in the region, and works to support families as they develop income streams from their farms and food gardens.

Under the program 389 farmers have been provided with over 10,000 improved food crop cuttings, 150kg of seed, and more than 2,000 fruit trees. The team also undertakes training, extension and outreach visits (more than 1,500, so far!) to share much sought after technical crop production and management knowledge and skills.

"We believe that people should be able to sustain themselves," explains Taidas Manzang, one of the agricultural advisors. "We're trying to give people the knowledge and skills to use their resources most effectively."

The approach implemented by the team in developing sustainable livelihoods has enabled participating farmers to enhance their farming systems and improve household food supply from their food gardens.

Here, Mr Uda shows his grandson how the new crops enhance his food garden while Mrs Kohu, a keen local farmer, sells her Pak Choi at the road side.